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Digital TV Stream

 MMDS Transmitter 


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            Technical parameters of transmitter

     Output frequency range:    2300-2770 MHz
     Output power P1dB:   25/50/100 W
     Bandwidth:   200 MHz
     Input frequency range:   270-470/470-670 MHz
     Input level:   -20 dBm..-10 dBm
     Frequency stability:   10Е-6
     Out-band suppression:   > 60 dB
     Modulation Schemes:   QPSK;  64/128/256QAM;  COFDM

 Description  Parameters Software

  25, 50 и 100 W Transmitters. The Outdoor MMDS Transmitter is intended for use in the MMDS, WI-FI and other system operating in 2300 to 2700 MHz frequency range . It is available in configurations of 20, 50, 100 Watt. The transmitter supports all modulation schemes (both analogous and digital ones). It features an RF Muting, which engages whenever IF signal at the Transmitter input becomes lower than the IF threshold level. A Thermal Shutdown feature, which is incorporated for the transmitter protection, disables the transmitter whenever its base plate temperature exceeds a temperature limit. An overpower shutdown feature disables the amplifier whenever the RF output power is detected to exceed an overpower limit. Built-in automatic gain control system provides nominal value of output signal. The transmitter construction consists of 2 modules: the transmitter itself located near transmitting antenna and power module which supplies power to the transmitter and its remote control unit. The remote control unit provides monitoring of the transmitter statuses. It display status of input and output signal; local oscillator; power amplifier; thermal and overpower shutdown; cooling fan.

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:: Info ::

exhibitors2 2013

20.08.17 » DTV Stream participated in the IBC-2017 in Amsterdam.

15.08.17 » DTV Stream developed and manufactured OMNI Directional Antenna

12.10.14 » Company DTV Stream presents compact transmitter.

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