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Digital TV Stream

 DVB-S/S2 Processor 


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   Technical parameters of 8 ASI DVB-S/S2 Processor

     Modulation:    QPSK, 8PSK (DVB-S, DVB-S2)
     FEC:   1/2;   2/3;   3/4;   5/6;   7/8
     Symbol rate:   6 750...35 000 Ksym/sec
     Output signal level:   90...100 dBuV
     Power Consumption:   < 20 W

 Description  Parameters  Software

   The 8ASI DVB-S/S2 Processor is a multifunctional device intended for multichannel DVB-S/S2 broadcasting. It provides TS remultiplexing, scrambling, modulating and Up-converting . Key features: The processor remultiplexes up to 8 input Transport Streams and forms a program package in the DVB-S or DVB-S2 format with RF output. Standard SD/ HD DVB-S/S2 receivers and DVB-S/S2 TV sets can be used as subscriber receivers. IP output can be used to transport the package via IP network, as well as monitor output or input stream at your PC.


:: Info ::

exhibitors2 2013

20.08.17 » DTV Stream participated in the IBC-2017 in Amsterdam.

15.08.17 » DTV Stream developed and manufactured OMNI Directional Antenna

12.10.14 » Company DTV Stream presents compact transmitter.

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