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Digital TV Stream

 DVB-C 1RF/2RF/4RF Processor 

 Description  Parameters  Software

   The 8ASI DVB-C 1RF/2RF/4RF Processor is a multifunctional device intended for multichannel digital TV broadcasting. It provides TS remultiplexing, scrambling, QAM modulating and Up-converting . The Processor has been designed for use in cable TV network and it is especially convenient for hotels and cottage settlements networks due to its ease of operation and cost effectiveness.

Key features:

• The processor remultiplexes up to 8 input Transport Streams and forms a group spectrum of up to 4 packages in the DVB-C format with RF output.

• Standard SD/ HD DVB-C receivers and DVB-C TV-sets can be used as subscriber receivers.

• IP output can be used to transport one of the packages via IP network or monitor one of the packages chosen from output or input stream at your PC.

• The Processor can be used with analog cable network equipment when both the analog and digital signals are simulcasted. Оne Processor allows you to organize a small CATV network for broadcasting about 30 programs including a system for monitoring of channels on your PC. The Processor can replace the four remultiplexers, four scramblers, four DVB-C Modulators and four UP-converters.



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exhibitors2 2013

20.08.17 » DTV Stream participated in the IBC-2017 in Amsterdam.

15.08.17 » DTV Stream developed and manufactured OMNI Directional Antenna

12.10.14 » Company DTV Stream presents compact transmitter.

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