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Digital TV Stream

  Frequently Asked Questions   

1. Why DVB-S the standard is used?

DVB-S is an abbreviation for "Digital Video Broadcasting — Satellite". DVB-S - The first application was commercially available in France via Canal+, enabling digitally broadcast, satellite-delivered Television to the public. It is used via satellites serving every continent of the world.


2.What is the MVDS system?

MVDS - "Multipoint Video Distribution System - currently is a part of broader MWS (Multimedia Wireless System) standards. It works in 10.7 - 13.5 and 40.5 - 43.5 GHz frequency bands.


3. MVDS can work in other frequency range? Whether there is such equipment?

Yes, this system can work with 7-8 GHz frequency range. The Dtv Stream company has available transmitters + LNB for this frequency range. Usually, this frequency range uses for RRL (Radio Relay Link).


4. How the DVB-S2 standard differs from DVB-S?

The DVB-S2 standard economizes the frequency range, has the best noise-immunity, allows to transfer a stream with larger bitrate.


5. Why the DVB-S2 standard is necessary?

The reason of use of DVB-S2 is mass implementation of TV channels of high definition (HDTV). The DVB-S standard can't well cope with it. Further, more channels can be transferred with HD quality (1920*1080).


6. What bitrate of a stream can be transmitted, using the DVB-S2 standard?

Using a frequency band of 36 MHz, is possible to transfer a stream of 55-60 Mbit/sec. Thus the energetic reserve for stable work makes 3-4 dB, but in the DVB-S standard, only 2.5 dB.


7. How the system of the conditional access of CAS DVCrypt and CAS Conax are connected?

At the time of development of the system of DVCrypt receivers of some vendors with Conax installed system, in any cases, allowed to work with DVCrypt system. Further, in process of change of Conax versions, receivers of the same vendors of DVCrypt ceased to support. Now already there are some vendors, whose receivers support DVCrypt. And those to become is more increasing as all are interested in integration (free) support into the receivers as it is possible bigger number of systems. This process can be promoted by each operator — than more addresses to vendors of receivers, subjects they implement our system quicker. Communication between CAS DVCrypt and CAS Conax only that they are based on the same CSA (Common Scrambling Algoritm) the algorithm developed by ETSI and approved by DVB consortium. The DVCrypt system is officially registered by DVB consortium and has CA_SYS_ID=0x4AEC.



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20.08.17 » DTV Stream participated in the IBC-2017 in Amsterdam.

15.08.17 » DTV Stream developed and manufactured OMNI Directional Antenna

12.10.14 » Company DTV Stream presents compact transmitter.

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