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Digital TV Stream

 DVB-T Village

We are developing now a project of so-called "TV Village" for small and medium towns, villages, etc. This configuration must include:

                   »  Converter-modulator 8ASI / DVB-T of 1 to 4 units.

                   »  Outdoor Broadband Amplifier with the linear output power of 16W                  

                       (42dBm, DVB-T, QAM-64), P1dB = 50dBm

                   »  Omnidirectional antenna

 Successful testing on the ground the system of digital broadcasting  DVB-T TV  VIllage for cottage settlements were made on 8th of May 2012.

Such system allows to broadcast the DVB-T standard up to 80 programs in eight carriers in the UHF band within a radius of not less than 10 km when using the transmitter antenna with gain 12 dB  and a receiving antenna with 6 dB gain.  



Converter-modulator 8ASI/DVB-T 2RF

A multifunctional device that converts 8 ASI digital streams in DVB-T signal on the UHV frequency range. Each 8 ASI/DVB-T device allows to form a required packet of digital programs out of ASI digital streams on its 8 inputs and forms this packet on one sub-carrier according to the DVB-T 8K standard or two sub-carriers for DVB-T 2K standard (group spectrum). The device realizes all the necessary ASI input signal transformations for digital television broadcasting on existing terrestrial television networks including protection from an unauthorized access (CAS).

The device provides both SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition with high resolution 1920x1080i in H.264 standard) video encoding. The ability to work with HD signals gives an opportunity to meet the needs of big screen HD-ready TV owners. Standard digital terrestrial TV broadcasting receivers DVB-T ( SD or HD ) are used as a subscriber receiver. The device is produced in several modifications which differ in functional capabilities.

                                                              Technical Specifications:

     » Output signal modulation type DVB-T 8K (one sub-carrier), 2K (one or two sub-carriers)

     »   Modulation QPSK, QAM-16, QAM-64

     »  Code rate 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8

     »  Guard interval 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32

     »  Output bitrate for QAM-64:  36,34 Mbit/s

     »  DVB-T signal frequency band output no more than 8 MHz

     »   Output frequency range 474-864 MHz

     »   ASI signal input level (EN 50083-9:1998) 800 mV+/-10%

     »    Maximum input bitrate up to 100Мbit/s

     »   Computer connection interface Ethernet 100T

     »   ASI input connector BNC-type

     »  IP OUTput connector RJ45-type

     »   Output connector F 

»   Power supply 220V ± 20%

     »  Power consumption < 30W 

     »    Dimensions 19", 1U,  480*45*180 mm,

     »    Weight 3,5 kg

   Broadband Power Amplifier

The Broadband Power Amplifier consists of Outdoor Unit and Indoor Unit. The Outdoor unit consist of Pre-Amplifier, Power RF Amplifier, Control unit and power unit. The Indoor Unit is a power unit for the Outdoor Unit. Also it is intended for giving RF a signal on the Outdoor Unit. 

The BUC is capable of transmitting one or multiple 8- or 10 channels. An Automatic Gain Control is provided and recommended to be enabled for most applications. In the AGC mode of operation the average (thermal) RF output power is maintained at a constant level regardless of the IF input signal level variations within -16 dBm to -6 dBm range. The AGC can beswitched ON or OFF and the output power level can be adjusted from the front panel, but is not recommended.


The innovative interface, management and control board of the equipment is built on a Xmega micro controller.

                             Key characteristics are:

                  o    A 10/100 Base Ethernet control interface

                  o    A user friendly interface for local and remote management and diagnostic 

         o    Remote firmware update and upgrade.


The Outdoor Unit is housed in aluminum alloy enclosure for rugged environment. A thermal shutdown and an overpower shutdown features are incorporated into the Unit to protect the power amplifier from permanent damage.

The Indoor Unit is housed in a 19-inch rack mount enclosure occupying a space of one EIA standard rack units. Forced air-cooling allows operation over a wide indoor temperature range.The Indoor Units are supplied in various powering configurations. The powering requirements for this model are standard 220 Volt AC at a line frequency of 50 Hz.

Technical Specifications

      1.      Output frequency range 474-864 MHz

2.      Output Power average 42dBm (16 W)


3.      Output Power, P1dB = 50dBm


4.      Gain 65 dB 








:: Info ::

exhibitors2 2013

20.08.17 » DTV Stream participated in the IBC-2017 in Amsterdam.

15.08.17 » DTV Stream developed and manufactured OMNI Directional Antenna

12.10.14 » Company DTV Stream presents compact transmitter.

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